Since 1988, we have been working in the field of computers. From repair to sale, for small portable systems to large servers. For updating, sale, repair or for any type of security. We will try to explain and simplify in order to find the best solution for you. Take some time to see the list of our services, if any of these came to interest you, use the appropriate way to contact us. Many of our customers feel privileged to be able to obtain our services. Will you be among them ?

Our vision of computer usage can be summarizes in a few sentence. For us, disposable computing is not a solution. We will always make it cheaper to repair or optimize than to throw everything away and start over. The right solution always begins with the transmission of information, allowing the customer to solve the problem himself, giving him the freedom to settle any difficulties encountered. Let them becom indepented and save money. But, for those who do not either have the time, the will or the ability to do so, we will be available, to facilitate an adequate solutions to your needs.